Fighting For Your Mental Health Is Not Easy

We're developing an app to make the fight easier.

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Find Black Licensed Therpists

We want to apply UX principles to make finding a licensed therapist as simple and accessible as possible. Some features will include:  

  • A Matching Agent: Speaking with a matching agent can potentially eliminate the "dating" process for finding a therapist. 

  • Saved Profile & Paperwork: Fill out the important confidential paperwork one time. 

  • Video Introductions: Skip reading the long bios. We hope to get every licensed therapist to give a video introduction so the potential client can better discern whether therapists may be a good fit. 


Learn, Grow & Share

We want to create and support the black community on our mental health journey. So we hope to curate content from a diversity of black mental health clinicians and advocates to educate and share with others. 

Eventually, we would love to create our own content for the app.



Mediation & Wellness Guidance

We hope to partner with other mediation & wellness apps in hopes of encouraging daily mental health practices.


Group Economics & Conscious Capitalism

We plan to serve our community by leading with a conscious of group economics and conscious capitalism. Below are some of the features: 

Generous Profit Handling: In our financial plan, we hope that we can figure out a way to create an ecosystem that supports itself by giving a percentage of the profits back into the organization to be used in other areas. 

Membership "Pay It Forward" Plan: Built into the membership options, we hope to ask all members to pay double their membership to support someone else being on the app.

Therapists' "Pay It Forward" Plan: Built into the fees on the app, we hope to ask all therapists to pay a little extra to support newer therapists finding clients OR to cover the pay for anyone offering free sessions. 

Ally Membership Plan: Since the app is created to help black people find black licensed therapists, we wanted to offer our allies the ability to support the cause financially.

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Beautiful UI For the Best Experience



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